Dr. Christof Horn

P3 Group

Temat: "Why OEMs create clouds while Google builds a car?".

Looking at the Automotive industry, we see a disruptive change at the horizon with unprecedented voracity. Connected, electric and autonomous – the new competences are mostly software driven, and the established players are working hard to get a significant footprint in that area.
At the same time, big players from other business fields are entering the game – but not for selling vehicles, but for operating mobility, one of the biggest markets on earth.
So something new is happening, but it is difficult to tell hype from realistic pictures.
Let’s try to exchange our views!

Dr. Christof Horn is a Managing Director of the P3 Group, a worldwide consulting and engineering company, which focuses on the automotive, aviation, telco and energy sectors. A key capability of P3 is enabling its customers to develop and produce complex products and processes.
Horn is responsible for the Automotive sectors of P3. With digitalization, connectivity and the shift to mobility solutions being the main challenges of his customers, he is working on the right strategies in business models, technology and organizational skills.